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Volume II

Student Council Awards

Mason County Central takes pride in its students and their ideas; therefore, the Student Council thrives due to the input of its student leaders. Each year, the members of the student council are recognized for their hard work in making the school dances, blood drives and other fun, rewarding activities possible.  One such activity is the Student Council Achievement Awards which is held on the Tuesday morning before graduation. With input from staff members, the Student Council officers organize and run the program in front of students, staff, family and community members.   Continue reading “Student Council Awards”


Moving Into the Big Pond

After going to the middle school to go check out how the 8th graders felt about moving up to the high school. The Mason Jar got many different answers for the questions asked.


Alexandrea Root- “I am most excited about Health. I am afraid of the change that will happen like there will be more people and different grades in each class. However, I am most excited about the bigger variety in classes, and there are more clubs to join. I am hoping to get all A’s and go to ASM Tech so I get a free year of college. I am going to join forensics and jazz band.”

Taken By Ally Root

Hannah Knizacky- “ The class I am most eager to join is history, US History. I really need to get good grades for sports like basketball, softball, volleyball and forensics  but I am afraid I might not get the grades I need. I can’t wait to meet new teachers that I have never met before. I am definitely gonna keep my grades up.”


Jennie Golaszewski- “I am so excited about social studies. I am most afraid of failing classes. I can’t wait to have new experiences in high school. I am hoping to get my Spanish out of the way my first year. I am super excited for Intro to Theatre, softball, volleyball, track, and forensics are the clubs and sports I am going to join”


Mason Frey- “Woodshop looks like a lot of fun. I am not good at math, I don’t think I can do it in high school. I heard you can leave for lunch that’s so awesome. I don’t even care as long as I get through high school. I will join track, football, and ski club.”


Jonathan Petersen- “Science is my favorite subject so I can’t wait for Weinert to teach it to me. I don’t want to have to take a class over again. I love that you can choose your classes for the most part. I am going to pass all my classes without having to take any classes over. I am going to join football, track and band. Band counts right?”


Matthew Ross- “ I really like language arts. I also signed up for Intro to Theatre. I do not like being on stage, though. I am most nervous about taking the exams. I am most excited about getting  to explore different areas of education. I don’t have any sports that I want to join that’s not me”


Mason County Central eighth graders are going into the bigger halls, off campus lunches and activities of high school. They couldn’t be any happier for this.

Education or Elimination



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School, a place of endless homework, boring lectures and crazy teachers. Every student’s dream…NOT. Almost every student feels that school is just too boring and not important, but as Big Mama, an owl from the animated movie, The Fox and the Hound, says, “It’s education or elimination.” After conducting a few interviews with both students and teachers, it was found that each had a similar idea as to what would be a good improvement for Mason County Central High School’s ways of learning. The life management teacher Mrs.Chye said, “Most of it comes from home…” referring to the question of what are some ways that the school and/or teachers could make students want to learn. She answered another question: How do you think the school’s education system is doing? Is it doing its job? “I think that we do a good job but we don’t do enough… I think that something can be done… I think that we can be a piece of that puzzle.” Another teacher, MCC’s drama coach, Mr.Richert, said that he thinks there is too much imbalance, too many rich schools and that we need more money for the school. Needing more options was another answer that came up more than once.

Many students such as Preston Gigante and Aaron Hathaway said that they would like to see more options. Another concern they had was an issue with some teachers being biased towards students,  favoring some more than others. Overall there was one thing that was most common, having different classes and more options especially ones that help prepare students for their future. Another topic that came up was hands-on assignments, more projects that would make some classes more fun and easier to learn for some. The answers were repetitive, more classes, more encouragement, more students learning and getting an education to strive in the future and just MORE. School nowadays seems to be all about passing, and students don’t retain as much information. With more encouragement and hands-on learning, school will be more about learning and may encourage students to want to learn more. You learn or you don’t; it’s either education or elimination.

Gaining A Grade

Summer vacation draws closer with every passing day. When the bell rings at the end of sixth block on the last school day, we will all advance another grade. Every freshman can Continue reading “Gaining A Grade”

Advisories in the High School?


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During the past few years the high school has seen some changes in the scheduling and next year a new one is taking place. Advisories will be added in the morning before normal classes start. These are unlike the advisories that were experienced in middle school; it will not be a time to fool around with your buds or take a nap. In some people’s eyes, this may seem pointless but it will actually help in the long run. Continue reading “Advisories in the High School?”

Last Performances of the Year


Jack Spicer conducts the concert band

Springtime is a time when both of the bands and the choir like to play music for family, friends and the community. Jazz band spent a whole day traveling to various places in our community and surrounding areas playing gigs.  During the Spring Concert, the concert band and jazz band showed off songs they’ve been practicing this spring to all who attended. They played again during graduation. The choir also had their last concert of the 2016 school year. Continue reading “Last Performances of the Year”

Sports Foreshadowing


Varsity Baseball Team Photo Credit:MCC Yearbook

The 2017 Spartan track season will be quite different. Eight seniors are leaving the

Cody Cooper PC:MCC Yearbook

team due to graduation. “They all will be missed for they all made great contributions to the team on and off the track,” boys coach Scott Briggs said. But the incoming class of freshmen will be a big help if they buy into the ethic of working hard. “With that said, the returning track members are more than capable to carry on the strong track tradition here at MCC,” Briggs also mentioned. As long as everybody is Continue reading “Sports Foreshadowing”

Football Foresight

For the fall of 2016, the football team at MCC will be losing some key players, but also gaining a few. Much of the team in 2015 was made up of juniors, who will be the bulk of the team in 2016.  Although many seniors left, many more JV players will be coming up to take the chance at their position on varsity.  

The MCC Spartans football team made it to the playoffs and

Blake Bladzik tackles St. Francis Quarterback

many expect Continue reading “Football Foresight”

2016 Art Show

Mason County Central High School held their Annual Art Show, that featured pieces of art from K through twelfth grade. Every year the high school art teacher, Ms. Brock puts students art on display in the A.O. Carlson gym for students and the public to view. “Art has to be selected from the three buildings I teach in – which takes about a week. For the HS – most of the art is already in the art room and ready to be taken down to AO. For the elementary – they have specific lessons that I teach and I select through those. For the HS – there is no limit as long as it is “school appropriate.” I go through the work trying to not pay attention to any names so that I am looking at the art and not feeling any bias towards any specific student. Work is selected by craftsmanship, quality of work, and care of work… meaning how well they were able to create the work, the effort put into creating the work to make it aesthetically pleasing, and how careful (torn edges/wrinkled paper/messy “scribbling” vs controlled drawing) – if this makes sense – hard to explain how one work of art is  “better” than the other … beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Continue reading “2016 Art Show”

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