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Volume I

May 24th, 2016 – 5/24/16

A Final Farewell to Seniors in Forensics



Another forensics season came to a close at the 2016 Michigan Interscholastic Forensics Association State Finals, a two-day event that saw triumph and exhaustion. However, most memorable was the ending of a chapter for six seniors: Hana Smith, Isaac Messeder, Chance Iles, Jason Mickevich, Michael Stewart, and Lauren Keller. Continue reading “A Final Farewell to Seniors in Forensics”


Expectations Meet Experience

As the Class of 2016 readies to leave the halls of MCC High School, they have plenty of thoughts about their unknown futures. At the same time, many of their teachers can reflect on having these same thoughts.

Let’s review Continue reading “Expectations Meet Experience”

Teachers Advise Class of 2016


Class of 2016, graduation is right around the corner and you will need some words of advice to take along with you into this vast world. Continue reading “Teachers Advise Class of 2016”

Volleyball Team Set for a New Season

MCC volleyball
Photo Credit: Jeff Kiessel, Ludington Daily News

This Varsity volleyball season was an interesting one. It started out not knowing who the coach was going to be as the position was vacant at the time. That problem soon left when Mason County Central Principal Mr. Brad Jacobs decided to coach for a season. And soon following, his wife Mrs. Jacobs decided to coach the JV team. The season didn’t go exactly as they wanted it to, but they made key improvements as the season went on.  Four seniors are graduating, including Continue reading “Volleyball Team Set for a New Season”

Cross Country Races Toward the Future

zach cc.jpg
Photo Credit:

This cross country season had an ending to remember, and many seniors with exciting plans for the future. The boys MCC Cross Country team came in 15th in the state finals. It wasn’t exactly what they wanted, but it is a great honor to have been that good in the entire state. Zac Wright-Fisher is going to pursue his dream of running cross country at the collegiate level. He came in 12th in the state. The girls team also went to regionals and came in fifth. Leta Larsen came in twelfth place, the highest for the girls team. This year was a good year for both teams, but Coach Sanders will take the results and make improvements in the years to come. 

Softball Steals the Day

Photo Credit: Russ Miller

The varsity softball team at Mason County Central High School has had a rough season so far. With a mid-season coaching vacancy, Ed Sanders stepped up and took over the position with the team. When interviewed he said that he had always been a team player and knew enough about the sport to be a coach.  “My only regret is having to give up coaching 8th grade girls’ track. I feel like I let them down,” Sanders said.

Team huddle Photo Credit: MCC Yearbook

The team consists of twelve players, six seniors and six juniors. Their two most experienced pitchers are Brooke Thurow and Devin Battenfield. The players that play outfield are Alyssa Claveau, Emily Scharich, Kaylyn Soberalski, Danielle Gerbers, Mykayla Coleman and Payton Hutchinson. The first, second and third basemen are

Continue reading “Softball Steals the Day”

Swinging for the Fences

Photo Credit: Russ Miller

The varsity baseball team at MCC High School has had a pretty good season. “At the beginning of the season I expected to do pretty well, but that is not what happened. We started the season 0-5 but since then our record has been 13-2.” Coach Don Thomas said. He has been coaching for ten years.

The team is made up of 15 players, 9 seniors, 5 juniors, and 1 sophomore. Blake Bladzik, Cody Soberalski, Chance Iles, Jake Martin, Austin Tyndall, Jacob Edwards, Evan Robison, Connor Willick, Tyler Liske and Josh Petersen all can be outfielders when needed. On the mound, you might find Continue reading “Swinging for the Fences”

College Comes to the High School

“Appreciate dual-enrollment.” The brevity of this statement belies its wisdom. Spoken by college sophomore and MCC graduate Morgan Muyskens, they encapsulate the best possible Continue reading “College Comes to the High School”

See Our Spirit Is Weakening


Crash right through that line of blue
Watch the points keep growing
Spartans teams are bound to win
They’re fighting with a vim
(Rah , Rah, Rah)
See that line is weakening
We’re going to win this game
Fight! Fight!
Come on, team, fight!
Victory for MCC! 

School Pride, something that every school seems to have. “Once a Spartan, always a Spartan”.  Over the years, the school spirit at MCC has seemed to fizzle out. Year after year, students come and go, and the school slowly loses its spark and its spirit. How has it changed? What can be done? After conducting some interviews with both the seniors and teachers at MCC, here are some answers. Continue reading “See Our Spirit Is Weakening”

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