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MCC Reacts

Mason County Central students react to ASMR.

ASMR stands for audible sensory meridian response. ASMR is not medically or scientifically proven to help people sleep, but has been known to help people calm down and relax. ASMR can be described as a physical or emotional feeling triggered by sounds like someone eating, drinking, or whispering into a microphone. Teenagers have actually become famous from posting videos such as these. A girl, Taylor Darling aka ASMR Darling, has 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Please enjoy some of your fellow classmates exploring the world of ASMR!

Thank you for watching!


2018 Art Show

For the last publication this year, we experimented and some groups made videos. We made a video showing the 2018 MCC Art Show. Enjoy! 🙂

Checking out TV 9 & 10 Pt.2



The Mason County Central Writing for Publication class visited 9 & 10 News on Tuesday, June 5th. The class was given a tour of facilities and behind the scenes production at 1 Broadcast Way in Cadillac.

Continue reading “Checking out TV 9 & 10 Pt.2”

To Stay or To Go

The students of Mr. Quinlan’s 7th grade class at Mason County Central Middle School.


One of the biggest questions that comes after you graduate is this–

shall I stay or shall I go?

This is a big decision for your future, whether you decide to stay in your hometown or move somewhere different.

There are many different reasons one could choose to move away. Some choose to pursue an attractive career opportunity away from home, while others want to start a clean slate somewhere new. Others may feel they are connected and drawn to a different environment or location such as the mountains, the sea, or a big city. Some young people want to seek independence and adventure and don’t feel they will find it in their hometown. And others simply don’t like where they grew up. Maybe it is too cold, too boring, or they don’t like the people.

However, there are people who decide to stay in their hometown. This may be because they love it and feel no desire to leave. Some have deep connection with their family and do not want to leave them behind. Others are scared and are afraid of failing in a new place. Sometimes it may be an economic factor, where they stay to take over land or a family business. And unfortunately, some feel stuck in their hometown, as if they don’t have the financial means to find somewhere new.  

We all start to get an idea of what we plan to do in the future, even if it may change. Sixty six kids were interviewed at a local middle school where they were asked if they planned to leave their hometown or stay. 53% of the children said they wanted to stay in Mason County, while the other 47% planned to move away. It was close to being a 50/50 call. When the kids were asked why they wanted to move away, a few different answers were shouted out. “I want to go somewhere warmer,” “I wasn’t born here and want to go home,” and “I just don’t like it here enough,” were all explained.

Even though the children interviewed may change their mind as they grow up, it still gives an idea of how the people in Mason County view their hometown. Personally, I would like to move away after graduation. I feel this way because I want to see new things, have new experiences, and learn about other cultures and places. I plan on starting my schooling somewhere else so I can learn and study things that may not be offered in Mason County, or taught differently than what is taught here.

Picking Favorites!

A picture of Mr.Richert By Chloe Mackinder

As the school year comes closer to an end, we are all getting ready to say goodbye to our friends and/or favorite teachers for the summer. Many teachers in our school have helped us  in many different ways. May it be someone to talk to or just good organization and study skills to help us in the future. Continue reading “Picking Favorites!”

Switching Schools: My MCC Experience

Photo courtesy of

There I was, 10 years old, standing bewildered in the halls of MCC Upper Elementary School. I knew no one, due to the fact that all of my friends were at my old school. I wasn’t exactly outgoing, either, and I was NOT excited to have to make completely new friends. My dad kept on telling me, “Come on, it’s not so bad! You’ll do just fine.” But to be honest, I didn’t exactly believe it. Being up-rooted from my old school and transplanted into a new one was going to be difficult. Continue reading “Switching Schools: My MCC Experience”

Mrs. Dugger’s Independent Research Project Class


Alex Gordon, now an MCC High School graduate, presents his research on natural stress cures. Photo taken by Elsa Akins.

“It was the single best class I’ve ever had, hands down,” Alex Gordon on Mrs. Dugger’s Independent Research Project class.

Seniors from Mrs. Dugger’s Scientific Research Project class at MCCHS presented their studies on Monday, March 21st in the school cafeteria. Continue reading “Mrs. Dugger’s Independent Research Project Class”

Promises, Promises.

Taken from the West Shore Community College website.

By now, everyone in MCC has most likely heard about the Promise Scholarship, the amazing deal that now promises Mason County students free education at West Shore Community College. Many students are choosing to get their undergrad classes out of the way with the Promise before they go somewhere bigger and only have to pay for a few years of university.

Continue reading “Promises, Promises.”

Hats Off to the Class of 2018

A day every student looks forward to has finally arrived for the class of 2018. To see a short clip of graduation click the link below.



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