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Hooping Through Districts

2017-18 Varsity Girls Basketball

The clock is running out. It’s the last couple seconds of the big game. Mason County Central takes the win in the district basketball game with a final score of 53-38!!! The crowd is going wild. People are cheering. Coach Mike Weinert with a big grin on his face and a team with red sweaty faces are overjoyed with happiness. Way to go Lady Spartans!!

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Briggs Tournament

briggs tourney


On May 5, one of the traditions of Mason County Central took place again–the Briggs Tournament. Every year the baseball and softball teams of the following schools compete in a Saturday tournament-Scottville, Ludington, Custer, and Hart. This year, the Lady Spartans took the title for the second year in a row. Continue reading “Briggs Tournament”

Softball Season of 2018


The Mason County Central softball team arrived at Cadillac’s home field last Friday, April 27th. With a double-header scheduled, the Lady Spartans walked in ready to play. The set-up looked like this- Morgan Ahlfeld on the mound and Lexi Bendele behind the plate. Savannah Bice, Lindsay Billow, Andee Carter, and Braylen Green in the infield. Amber Erickson, Hannah Knizacky, and Adeline Vanoller starting in the grass. Prior to the game, the girls only had two games under their belt, both losses against Montague and Oakridge. The girls walked in knowing what they needed to focus on. Some of the main points they planned to execute against Cadillac were accurate throws, good communication, hitting the ball well, and avoiding compound errors.

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Girls Soccer Vets Take on Newcomers

Juniors, Lizzy Sutton and Maddy Bladzik, pose for a picture before their game against Ravenna. Photo courtesy of Madisen Bennett.

On Thursday, April 26, 2018 The Mason Jar interviewed Mason County Central Juniors Maddy Bladzik and Elizabeth Sutton on how they feel about the soccer season and how it has progressed since day one and future goals they have for the team. Continue reading “Girls Soccer Vets Take on Newcomers”

A Spring in Full Swing

2018 VArsity Boys baseball
Photo Courtesy of Brenda Carr

It’s that time of year again: a time of rising temperatures, sunny skies, and most importantly, baseball.  America’s favorite pastime is in full swing this spring, and the Mason County Central Boys’ baseball teams are gearing up for a great season.  The JV and Varsity boys kicked off their season on April 24th in Montague this year, with a split result for the JV and two losses for the varsity.  Next, the April 27th game in Cadillac proved victorious for the teams, with two wins for the JV and a split result for the varsity. Their first home game against Whitehall resulted in two losses for the JV boys and two losses for the Varsity boys.  Brandon Dunn, a freshman on the JV team, had a few words to share. Continue reading “A Spring in Full Swing”

Going the Whole Nine

Photo Courtesy Of Tim Genson


The MCC High School golf team is making headway this year, tying for 5th place with Hart at their tournament in Ravenna on April 26, 2018. The coach of the team Tim Genson will take time out of his schedule to coach the golfers as well Continue reading “Going the Whole Nine”

Competitive Cheerleading Becomes More Competitive

Coach Cheri Rozell, Alexis Accardi, Shelbey Wygant, Jasmin Baugus, Jenna Smith, Maysi Cole, Taylor Guthrie, Megan Erickson, Anna Wagner and Charley McCabe after placing second at their home meet. Photo courtesy of MCC Competitive Cheer Facebook page.

The 2017-2018 Mason County Central competitive cheerleading season started off a bit bumpy. Most of the team had already accepted defeat. The team was a total of nine girls. Three were newcomers to the sport and they were trying it for the first time. Out of the nine girls, five were freshmen. When talking to a few of the freshman they revealed how excited they are for the upcoming 2018-2019 season “ With hard work and dedication I know our team can grow and become the team we know we can become, the team MCC needs,” said freshman Megan Erickson. Continue reading “Competitive Cheerleading Becomes More Competitive”

Track and Field

The track season as a whole may not have been as good they wanted, but there were many of the members who made it to state which made it a successful season. Mason County Central has six individual event entries and a relay team going to state. Dylan Hearns got fourth at regionals giving him the opportunity to run the 800 meter dash at state. Ryan Mount will be in multiple individual events for getting second in the 200 meter dash and first in the high jump. Matt Quinn got first in discus at regionals and second in shot put letting him participate in state for those events. The last individual making it into state finals is Jael Wood. She was in for pole vault in which she placed second at regionals. The last event that qualified was the boys 4×400 meter relay ran by Dylan Hearns, Ryan Mount, Jacob Shoop, and Travis Tyndall. Hopefully next year MCC will see some more people making it to Track and Field State Finals. Even those team members who didn’t qualify found the season to be rewarding. As runner Genna Dyga said, “It was a great way to meet and make friends.” Continue reading “Track and Field”

Softball? Hardcore.

Photo Courtesy of Brenda Carr

Softball season, a time of gloves, bats, and flying fastballs. With school coming to a swift close, Junior Varsity Team Captain Katelyn Carr reminisces on the recently finished season. After being asked how their season had progressed, and what some of the trials behind it were, she answered, “Our team started off with a lot of new girls so we definitely needed to improve throughout the season, but we did it together as one big team and family. We improved a lot toward the end of the season with a huge win against Shelby, and finally beat our biggest rival, Ludington.” The two wins against Shelby and Ludington boosted the team’s confidence exponentially, as they had lost every game the previous year.

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