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Senior Awards

Mock Elections

MCC’s class of 2017 had a good run, and as their senior year comes to a close students get to look back at all of the times they spent together. Even though most made an impact, some students stood out above the rest. This year’s mock elections were awarded to 37 deserving seniors.

First off, best sense of humor went to CJ Pyke and Makayla Franklin, while Austin Tyndall and Courtney Palmer were voted most outgoing. As most can tell just by passing them through the hall, best dressed went to Connor Willick and Emily Scharich. And the prettiest eyes in the school are Gunner Schultz and Penny Petersen. Most likely to brighten your day was Quentin Malzahn, Theresa Molitor, and Irene Brinquis Quero. Continue reading “Senior Awards”


Graduation: Class of 2017

Graduation marked the celebratory end to four years of both academic excellence and overall accomplishments of the Class of 2017. The night was filled with emotions as some reflected upon their memories, while others were filled with hope as they thought about the next step in their journeys. Continue reading “Graduation: Class of 2017”

Volunteering Opportunities

Juniors and Seniors have a lot to think about when preparing to apply to colleges, and it’s important to be a well-rounded student. Colleges don’t just look at your academic; they look for your involvement in your school and community. One great way to look appealing to colleges and help you stand out amongst other applicants is by helping out your community and volunteering.

Students volunteering for NHS Photo credit Mrs. Brock

Jolene Weier was actively involved inside and outside of the classroom. Being a member of NHS has also really helped her become more involved as well. “It’s helped me to better my community and realize not everyone is able to do the things i’ve been able to so it’s a really good feeling to be able to help people and the community without wanting or needing anything in return.” She also noted that volunteering really helped her when applying to colleges as well.

Students volunteering for NHS Photo credit Mrs. Brock

When it comes to seeking out volunteering opportunities, it can be difficult to know where to start. The best thing to do is to seek out jobs that you are capable of handling and are best suited to you. If you’re allergic to cats, obviously you may not want to volunteer at the animal shelter. It may not seem like there are a lot of opportunities in the Mason County area, but you’d be surprised by how many there are. Listed below are just a few possibilities available in the community.

Continue reading “Volunteering Opportunities”


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