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It’s Okay, We’re With The Band

The Mason County Central Spartan Marching Band marching their halftime show. Picture Credit: Tom Thomas.

As summer approaches and all of the students and faculty are gearing up for their three-month slice of paradise, the members of the Mason County Central Spartan Marching Band are gearing up to have the best marching season ever with next year’s show – “Spartan Life!”

The show, which includes music made famous by Panic! At the Disco, Muse, and Coldplay, will be centered around the spirit and success of Mason County Central. This is certainly a vast change from this past year’s Broadway show. That show received an overall Division II rating at State Marching Band Festival. While this wasn’t a horrible score, the band hopes to earn a Division I rating with next year’s show. Continue reading “It’s Okay, We’re With The Band”


MCC Concert Band goes to State Festival


Results for MCC Concert Band at MSBOA State Band & Orchestra Festival. Photo by Elsa Akins


The Mason County Central High School Concert Band has had many accomplishments this year, one of which was advancing to state festival with a record of all ones and a two in the district festival on March 3.

The MCC Band featured the songs Blue Ridge Saga, Chimes Of Liberty, and The Nathan Hale Trilogy at the Shelby district festival.

Continue reading “MCC Concert Band goes to State Festival”

Early Mornings Plus Hard Work Equals Success

Probably the most organized music folder of any jazz student ever, displaying two jazz songs: A Day In The Life Of A Fool and Minnie, The Moocher. Photo by Elsa Akins


Every morning at 7 a.m. nearly 20 students from grades eight through twelve gather to play jazz under the direction of Tom Thomas, music teacher at Mason County Central. The jazz band participates in everything from local concerts to state-wide competitions.

Students gather for self-advancement, music appreciation, social skills and as a way of gaining a sense of school pride. Participating students such as Cynthia Wurtz, a senior at MCC High School who has been playing in the jazz band for 5 years now, feel that participating in the jazz band has changed their lives forever. Continue reading “Early Mornings Plus Hard Work Equals Success”

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