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Moments of La Mancha

Play4Credit to MCC Yearbook
This past November, Mason County Central’s Drama Department put on a spectacular and thrilling production of one of the most revered musicals to ever hit the Broadway stage. Man of La Mancha debuted on the Great White Way in 1964, and on MCC’s own 310 Broadway Street in 2016. Now, six months later, the director, one of the leads, and the stage manager of this production reflect on their experiences.

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Band Ten Hut!

When everyone was enjoying the last couple weeks of their summer vacation, members of the marching band were waking up for their twelve-hour practice at band camp. Every year students commit much of their time practicing for half-time shows at football games, school events, and inevitably marching band festival.

credit to the MCC yearbook

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Do You Like Jazz?

If you do, you should check out the MCC Jazz Ensemble at one of their many events taking place throughout the year. The group can be seen at their yearly Christmas and spring concerts. These concerts are generally a couple hours long and are shared with the concert band and choir. If you want to see them play their own gigs, there are definitely a few options for you to choose from. Continue reading “Do You Like Jazz?”


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